Momtaz Khansar Honey

عسل چهل گیاه نمونه خوانسار – 1000 گرم

The natural honey of Momtaz Khansar consists of several plants, whose sucrose content is less than 10%.



Honey is a sweet natural substance that bees produce from the nectar of flowers or blossoms from the exudation of the living parts of plants. The bee collects these materials and after adding various enzymes and processing, stores it in the hive.
Honey is one of the products in the 1 and 1 product basket, which is prepared and packaged in the pleasant climate of Sablan. Natural honey is the only food that never spoils and destroys the strongest and most dangerous microbes in less than 48 hours. So it can be considered as the best natural antibiotic!
Natural or fake honey!
In environmental conditions, honey can vary from fluid to thick and sticky and to partially or completely crystallized (congealed). In temperate climates, most types of natural honey crystallize at normal temperatures because honey is a supersaturated sugar solution. This means that it contains more sugar than can remain in solution. Therefore, many consumers still think that honey is sugared, spoiled or adulterated by adding sugar to it.
Note: The sugaring of natural honey is the result of the formation of monohydrogen glucose crystals. This saturated sugar substance should actually be solid, but it happens to be liquid, so as soon as the conditions are ready, this physical transformation, i.e. crystallization, occurs.
How can you distinguish real and good honey from fake honey?
Many methods which are in fact similar to legends are heard about this. For example, they say that when honey becomes crystalline, cloudy and sediments, it is fake, and healthy and natural honey remains smooth and transparent; Or if its color is dark amber like agate and hard, and so called "kash", and if it is left in the refrigerator for a day, it will not crystallize, and if a spoon is removed from it, the drops that flow will be continuous and not interrupted, etc.
But it must be said that none of these methods are accurate and reliable for distinguishing natural honey from fake. It is impossible to accurately identify natural and artificial honey with the help of a finger, spoon or tasting, and the diagnosis can only be made by the laboratory.
Some important points about honey:

The aroma and taste of honey:
The plant used varies according to the geographical conditions and cultivation area.

Range of honey color:
The color can vary from bright white to black (according to the nectar used by the bee).

Honey concentration:
According to the location of the beehive, for example, humid areas should be thin and mountainous areas should be thick.

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۱۰۰۰ گرم

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۱۱۰۰ گرم

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۳۹x۲۷x۱۴ سانتی‌متر

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