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Momtaz Khansar Honey

درباره عسل ممتاز خوانسار


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Khwansar is a city with a pleasant climate with an altitude of 2,250 meters above sea level and diverse vegetation and fruit trees such as walnuts, almonds, plums and apples in the plains and the beautiful gardens of Cheshme Sar and Golsar along with agricultural lands and Golestankoh plain where tulips bloom. It is world famous.

Khansar honey is a natural product that is very famous in Iran. The existence of a variety of plants has facilitated the breeding of bees and the production of Angbin honey, so that Khansar plays an important role in the production of honey in Isfahan province.

شرکت عسل ممتاز خوانسار فرآورده های طبیعی خود را با اتکا به نیم قرن تجربه در تولید عسل آغاز نمود و با گذشت زمان و با بروز رسانی دانش و تجهیزات خود به سرعت مسیر پیشرفت و گسترش را سپری کرد.

Now this company with a clear past history and a clear future has the honor of focused activity, therefore the board of directors of this company is proud to have such loyal and discerning customers and tries to provide the best type of honey and the strictest tests. On top of that, to deliver the best product to the people of Iran.